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Radio-Locator's Preferred Customer Program

Hundreds of music and radio industry professionals use Radio-Locator every day for researching radio station information. They know what an invaluable tool Radio-Locator can be.

Radio-Locator limits the number of free page views. To avoid these limits, professionals who use the Radio-Locator website on a regular basis are encouraged to sign up as Preferred Customers. There are currently two levels of Preferred Customers:

Silver Customers are entitled to the following benefits: Gold Customers are eligible for all of the benefits of Silver Customers, as well the following features:
Silver Customer accounts are available at the following prices:
$50 / month
$275 / 6 months
$520 / year
Gold Customer accounts are available at the following prices (Silver Customers can upgrade to Gold at any time):
$75 / month
$425 / 6 months
$800 / year

New accounts are activated upon receipt of payment.

If you would like to sign up as a preferred customer, or if you have questions about Radio-Locator Preferred Accounts, please contact: sales

Our Preferred Customer Cancellation Policy can be viewed here.

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