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Radio-Locator Preferred Customer Cancellation Policy

Radio-Locator Preferred Customer subscription fees are payable in full at the commencement of the term of service. All information on the Radio-Locator website is presented "as is" and Radio-Locator makes no warrantees as to the accuracy, completeness, nor fitness for any intended purpose of the information contained therein.

Silver Preferred Customer accounts offer no additional usage features beyond those of the free Radio-Locator website. Customers are expected to evaluate the free version of the Radio-Locator website before purchasing a Preferred Customer subscription. Silver Preferred Customer subscription fees are not returnable except in the case of a technical failure of the Radio-Locator website (see below).

Gold Preferred Customers who are dissatisfied with the specific search features of a Gold account may request a cancellation of their account within three business days of the commencement of their term of service and receive a full refund of the Gold Customer subscription fee.

If a technical failure with Radio-Locator hardware or software prevents use of the Radio-Locator website for more than three days in any given month of the customer's term of service, the customer may request a pro-rated refund of the subscription fees based upon the length of time that the Radio-Locator website was unavailable due to the hardware or software failure.

Violations of the Preferred Customer terms of service agreement may result in suspension of access to the Radio-Locator website. In such cases, the Preferred Customer subscription fees will be non-refundable.

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