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Radio-Locator Database Licensing

The data team at Radio-Locator culls information from the FCC and other sources and adds information supplied by thousands of its website users to create an extremely complete and accurate database of U.S. and international radio stations.

Radio-Locator specializes in radio station technical information -- including signal coverage areas -- and station website and audio feed URLs. We offer customized data applications with a variety of delivery and update options. If your business application would benefit from this information, please contact our sales staff at: sales

Data Available for Licensing

Standard U.S. Radio Station Data Fields
Field Example Explanation
Call Sign "WMBR" Licensed Call Letters of Station
Band "FM" AM or FM
Frequency 88.1 MHz for FM, kHz for AM
City "Cambridge" City of License
State "MA" State of License
Country "US" Country of License, U.S. or Canada
Status "L" or "C" Licensed Station or Construction Permit
Type of Service "FM", "FX", etc. Indicates Primary Station, vs. Booster, vs. Translator, etc.
Latitude 42.36167 North Latitude of Station Transmitter
Longitude 71.08417 West Longitude of Station Transmitter
Power 720 Maximum Effective Radiated Power (watts)
Antenna Height 90 Antenna Height above Average Terrain (meters)
Range 42.5 Estimated Range of Signal (miles)
Schedule "D", "N", "U", etc. Times that the station may operate
Station Owner "Salem Broadcasting Co." Name of the station licensee
School "Springfield College." Affiliated school, college or university, if applicable
Format "Jazz", "Top-40", etc. Station's primary format
Website URL   URL of this station's website (if available)
Audio Feed URL   URL of live audio stream (if available)

Don't need all these fields?
If you're looking for a subset of our data, we can probably give you a discount!

Looking for geographic coverage data?
We can provide geographic coverage areas for U.S. radio stations, based on predicted signal contours, in the form of KML files, ESRI Shapefiles, or other file formats suitable for import into Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Inclusion of geographic coverage data will require an additional 20% cost.

Need data that you don't see here?
Let us know and we may be able to meet your needs!

A more detailed description of each data field is available upon request. Please contact sales for more information.

Data Licensing Options

Radio-Locator charges a fixed annual licensing fee for use of its data.

In addition, Radio-Locator offers two separate data delivery options. These options may be chosen separately or in conjunction with each other.


Data Update Fees and Database Query Fees are in addition to the Annual License Fee.

For more details about these data licensing opportunities, including customization options, please contact sales.

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