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Marketing Opportunities with Radio-Locator

Radio-Locator is used every day by thousands of people around the globe, including:

Banner Ads

Our inventory currently includes industry standard 120x60 and 468x60 sized graphics. Custom sizes may be available by special request. Ad campaigns can be targeted at users who are searching for radio stations of a particular genre, or in a particular geographic area.

120x60 Sample Ad Size
468x60 Sample Ad Size

Targeted Ads will be only be shown to users based upon their search criteria. The search criteria that triggers your ad can be based upon one or more of the following parameters:

Untargeted Ads will be rotated at random to all users of the site.

Type of Ad CPM*
Targeted Ads 468x60 (top of page) $3.20
Untargeted Ads 468x60 (top of page) $1.90

(*CPM = "Cost Per 1000 Impressions")

Our sales staff is ready to assist you with the best option for your specific needs. Contact sales

Radio-Locator is a family friendly website and reserves the right to reject any advertisements that it feels are unsuitable for display.

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