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Radio Stations in New York:

Found 639 matching stations (displaying 481-500)

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Call Sign Freq. City School Format
[BC] [Info] WRLI 91.3 FM Southampton, NY Public RadioPublic
[BC] [Info] WRMM 101.3 FM Rochester, NY Adult ContemporaryA.C.
[BC] [Info] WRNQ 92.1 FM Poughkeepsie, NY Adult ContemporaryA.C.
[BC] [Info] WRNY 1350 AM Rome, NY SportsSports
[BC] [Info] WROC 950 AM Rochester, NY SportsSports
[BC] [Info] WROW 590 AM Albany, NY OldiesOldies
[Info] WRPI 91.5 FM Troy, NY Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute CollegeCollege
[BC] [Info] WRPJ 88.9 FM Port Jervis, NY Christian ContemporaryChr. Contemp.
[BC] [Info] WRRB 96.9 FM Arlington, NY AlternativeAlternative
[BC] [Info] WRRV 92.7 FM Middletown, NY AlternativeAlternative
[BC] [Info] WRSB 1590 AM Brockport, NY TropicalTropical
[BC] [Info] WRSB (CP) 1600 AM Brockport, NY TropicalTropical
[BC] [Info] WRUC 89.7 FM Schenectady, NY Union College CollegeCollege
[BC] [Info] WRUN 90.3 FM Remsen, NY Public RadioPublic
[BC] [Info] WRUR 88.5 FM Rochester, NY University of Rochester Public RadioPublic
[BC] [Info] WRVD 90.3 FM Syracuse, NY State University of New York Oswego Public RadioPublic
[BC] [Info] WRVE 99.5 FM Schenectady, NY Hot ACHot AC
[BC] [Info] WRVH 89.3 FM Clayton, NY State University of New York - Oswego Public RadioPublic
[BC] [Info] WRVJ 91.7 FM Watertown, NY SUNY College at Oswego Public RadioPublic
[BC] [Info] WRVN 91.9 FM Utica, NY State University of New York Public RadioPublic

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Found 639 matching stations (displaying 481-500)

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