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Top 3 Most Visited Web Sites of Talk Stations (via Radio-Locator):
1. KFI 640 AM Los Angeles, CA
2. WHPT 102.5 FM Sarasota, FL
3. WBCN 1660 AM Charlotte, NC
Top 3 Most Listened To Talk Stations (via Radio-Locator):
1. KCPS 1150 AM Burlington, IA Listen!
2. WPHT 1210 AM Philadelphia, PA Listen!
3. WMPL 920 AM Hancock, MI Listen!

Found 427 matching stations (displaying 1-20)

[Info] Info: Click to get more information about a station or to submit a change.
[BC] Bitcaster: Indicates that the station broadcasts its audio on the Internet.

Call Sign Freq. City School Format
[Info] CFMJ 640 AM Richmond Hill, ON TalkTalk
[Info] CHLT 630 AM Sherbrooke, QC TalkTalk
[Info] CHLT 107.7 FM Sherbrooke, QC TalkTalk
[Info] CIEL 98.5 FM Longueuil, QC TalkTalk
[Info] CJBK 1290 AM London, ON TalkTalk
[Info] CJRC 1150 AM Gatineau, ON TalkTalk
[Info] CJTR 1140 AM Trois Rivieres, QC TalkTalk
[Info] CKCV 1280 AM Quebec, QC TalkTalk
[BC] [Info] CKTB 610 AM Saint Catharines, ON TalkTalk
[BC] [Info] KABQ 1350 AM Albuquerque, NM TalkTalk
[Info] KALZ 96.7 FM Fowler, CA TalkTalk
[Info] KAOI 1110 AM Kihei, HI TalkTalk
[BC] [Info] KAOK 1400 AM Lake Charles, LA TalkTalk
[BC] [Info] KAPR 930 AM Douglas, AZ TalkTalk
[BC] [Info] KASI 1430 AM Ames, IA TalkTalk
[Info] KBAI 930 AM Bellingham, WA TalkTalk
[BC] [Info] KBBR 1340 AM North Bend, OR TalkTalk
[BC] [Info] KBET 790 AM Winchester, NV TalkTalk
[BC] [Info] KBJA 1640 AM Sandy, UT TalkTalk
[Info] KBJT 1590 AM Fordyce, AR TalkTalk

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Found 427 matching stations (displaying 1-20)

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