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Grade School (K-12) Radio Stations:

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Found 141 matching stations (displaying 1-20)

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Call Sign Freq. City School Format
[Info] WVBC (LPFM) 96.9 LPFM Bessemer, AL Bessemer City Schools Grade School (K-12)K-12
[Info] KDHS (LPFM) 95.5 LPFM Delta Junction, AK Delta School Grade School (K-12)K-12
[Info] KEAA (LPFM) 97.9 LPFM Eagle, AK Eagle Community School Grade School (K-12)K-12
[Info] KHKY 92.7 FM Akiachak, AK Yupiit School Grade School (K-12)K-12
[Info] KHOO 90.7 FM Hoonah, AK Hoonah City Schools Grade School (K-12)K-12
[Info] KHYG 91.1 FM Hydaburg, AK Hydaburg School District Grade School (K-12)K-12
[Info] KRMH 89.7 FM Red Mesa, AZ Red Mesa High School Grade School (K-12)K-12
[BC] [Info] KWXL (LPFM) 98.7 LPFM Tucson, AZ Pueblo Magnet High School Grade School (K-12)K-12
[Info] KJBS (LPFM) 101.1 LPFM Mena, AR Mena Public School Grade School (K-12)K-12
[Info] KLLN 90.9 FM Newark, AR Cedar Ridge High School Grade School (K-12)K-12
[Info] KVMN 89.9 FM Cave City, AR Cave City High School Grade School (K-12)K-12
[BC] [Info] KAKX 89.3 FM Mendocino, CA Mendocino High School Grade School (K-12)K-12
[Info] KECG 88.1 FM El Cerrito, CA El Cerrito High School Grade School (K-12)K-12
[Info] KGAR (LPFM) 93.3 LPFM Lemoore, CA Lemore Union High School District Grade School (K-12)K-12
[Info] KJTZ (LPFM) 96.1 LPFM Alameda, CA Encinal High School Grade School (K-12)K-12
[Info] KMTG 89.3 FM San Jose, CA Pioneer High School Grade School (K-12)K-12
[Info] KRBH (LPFM) 93.1 LPFM Red Bluff, CA Red Bluff Joint Union High School Grade School (K-12)K-12
[Info] KSRH 88.1 FM San Rafael, CA San Rafael High School Grade School (K-12)K-12
[Info] KVCB (LPFM) 100.9 LPFM Vacaville, CA Vacaville Christian Schools Grade School (K-12)K-12
[BC] [Info] KYDS 91.5 FM Sacramento, CA El Camino Fundamental High School Grade School (K-12)K-12

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Found 141 matching stations (displaying 1-20)

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