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Utah Radio Stations:

Top 3 Most Visited Web Sites of Utah Stations (via Radio-Locator):
1. KUAA 99.9 LPFM Salt Lake City, UT EthnicEthnic
2. KUER 90.1 FM Salt Lake City, UT Public RadioPublic Listen!
3. KZNS 97.5 FM Coalville, UT SportsSports Listen!

Found 144 matching stations (displaying 1-20)

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Call Sign Freq. City School Format
[BC] [Info] KAAJ (LPFM) 103.9 LPFM Monticello, UT ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] KAAZ 106.7 FM Spanish Fork, UT RockRock
[Info] KAGJ 88.9 FM Ephraim, UT Snow College AlternativeAlternative
[Info] KALL 700 AM North Salt Lake City, UT SportsSports
[BC] [Info] KANN 1120 AM Roy, UT Christian ContemporaryChr. Contemp.
[Info] KARB 98.3 FM Price, UT CountryCountry
[BC] [Info] KAZZ 1400 AM Parowan, UT News/TalkNews/Talk
[BC] [Info] KBDX 92.7 FM Blanding, UT OldiesOldies
[BC] [Info] KBEE 98.7 FM Salt Lake City, UT Adult ContemporaryA.C.
[BC] [Info] KBER 101.1 FM Ogden, UT RockRock
[BC] [Info] KBJA 1640 AM Sandy, UT TalkTalk
[BC] [Info] KBJF 90.5 FM Nephi, UT ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] KBLQ 92.9 FM Logan, UT Adult ContemporaryA.C.
[BC] [Info] KBLU (LPFM) 92.3 LPFM Logan, UT Utah State University CollegeCollege
[BC] [Info] KBYU 89.1 FM Provo, UT Brigham Young University ClassicalClassical
[BC] [Info] KBZN 97.9 FM Ogden, UT Hot ACHot AC
[BC] [Info] KCEU 89.7 FM Price, UT College of Eastern Utah Public RadioPublic
[BC] [Info] KCHG 88.9 FM Cedar City, UT ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] KCIN 94.9 FM Cedar City, UT CountryCountry
[BC] [Info] KCLS 101.5 FM Leeds, UT Adult ContemporaryA.C.

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Found 144 matching stations (displaying 1-20)

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