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Puerto Rico Radio Stations:

Found 108 matching stations (displaying 1-20)

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Call Sign Freq. City School Format
[Info] WABA 850 AM Aguadilla, PR Spanish NewsSpa. News
[BC] [Info] WAEL 96.1 FM Maricao, PR Spanish PopSpa. Pop
[BC] [Info] WALO 1240 AM Humacao, PR Spanish NewsSpa. News
[Info] WAPA 680 AM San Juan, PR News/TalkNews/Talk
[BC] [Info] WBMJ 1190 AM San Juan, PR ReligiousReligious
[Info] WBQN 1160 AM Barceloneta-Manati, PR SpanishSpanish
[Info] WBSG 1510 AM Lajas, PR SpanishSpanish
[BC] [Info] WCGB 1060 AM Juana Diaz, PR ReligiousReligious
[Info] WCMN 1280 AM Arecibo, PR SpanishSpanish
[Info] WCPR 1450 AM Coamo, PR SpanishSpanish
[Info] WCXQ (LPFM) 98.1 LPFM Isabela, PR TropicalTropical
[Info] WCXQ (LPFM) (CP) 98.1 LPFM Isabela-Quebradillas, PR TropicalTropical
[Info] WDEP 1490 AM Ponce, PR SpanishSpanish
[Info] WDIN 102.9 FM Camuy, PR Spanish PopSpa. Pop
[Info] WEGA 1350 AM Vega Baja, PR Spanish ChristianSpa. Chrstn.
[BC] [Info] WELX 101.5 FM Isabela, PR Spanish PopSpa. Pop
[Info] WENA 1330 AM Yauco, PR SpanishSpanish
[BC] [Info] WERR 104.1 FM Vega Alta, PR Spanish ChristianSpa. Chrstn.
[Info] WEXS 610 AM Patillas, PR SpanishSpanish
[Info] WFAB 890 AM Ceiba, PR Spanish ChristianSpa. Chrstn.

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Found 108 matching stations (displaying 1-20)

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