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WLBB-AM 1330 kHz

Carrollton, Georgia
Station Format: News/Talk
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Station Owner:
Wyai, Inc.
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Station Address:
100 Wexford Place
Athens, GA 30606
Please Note:  This address comes from the FCC's database and may not be up to date.
Phone: 678-601-1330
Fax: 678-601-8256

WLBB-AM Technical Details:

Station StatusLicensed Class D [Help] AM Station
Digital StatusAnalog only
Area of CoverageView Daytime Coverage Map, View Nighttime Coverage Map
Hours of OperationUnlimited
Antenna ModeNon-Directional - 2 Patterns
Daytime Power1000 Watts
Nighttime Power34 Watts
Number of Towers1
Transmitter Location33° 34' 17" N, 85° 03' 02" W
License GrantedJuly 28 2009
License ExpiresApril 01 2020
Last FCC UpdateMarch 23 2012
WLBB-AM also broadcasts its primary channel from this additional transmitter
W292EW 106.3 FM Carrollton, GA (190 watts)

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