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WXPN-FM 88.5 MHz

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
University of Pennsylvania
"Member Supported 88.5"
Station Format: Adult Album Alternative
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Audio Feed:

Station Owner:
The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania
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Station Address:
3905 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Please Note:  This address comes from the FCC's database and may not be up to date. For verified radio station mailing addresses, please look at our mailing list options.
Phone: 215-898-6677
Fax: 215-898-0707

WXPN-FM Technical Details:

Station StatusLicensed Class B [Help] Non-Commercial FM Station
Digital StatusTransmits in digital [Help]
Area of CoverageView Coverage Map
Effective Radiated Power2650 Watts
Height above Avg. Terrain365 meters (1198 feet)
Height above Ground Level352 meters (1155 feet)
Height above Sea Level428 meters (1404 feet)
Antenna PatternNon-Directional
Transmitter Location40° 02' 20" N, 75° 14' 13" W
License GrantedMay 16 2014
License ExpiresAugust 01 2022
Last FCC UpdateJuly 25 2014

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