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Ohio Radio Stations:

Found 446 matching stations (displaying 1-100)

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Call Sign Freq. City School Format
88.1 FM
[BC] [Info] W201DP (WYSU) 88.1 FM Ashtabula, OH Youngstown State University Public RadioPublic
[BC] [Info] WBCJ 88.1 FM Spencerville, OH Taylor University Christian ContemporaryChr. Contemp.
[BC] [Info] WBGU 88.1 FM Bowling Green, OH Bowling Green State University VarietyVariety
[BC] [Info] WDPR 88.1 FM Dayton, OH ClassicalClassical
[BC] [Info] WHRQ 88.1 FM Sandusky, OH ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] WWGV 88.1 FM Grove City, OH ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] WZIP 88.1 FM Akron, OH University of Akron CollegeCollege
88.3 FM
[BC] [Info] WAUI 88.3 FM Shelby, OH ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] WBWC 88.3 FM Berea, OH Baldwin-Wallace College AlternativeAlternative
[BC] [Info] WHWN 88.3 FM Painesville, OH SpanishSpanish
[BC] [Info] WLFC 88.3 FM North Baltimore, OH University of Findlay CollegeCollege
[BC] [Info] WXTS 88.3 FM Toledo, OH Toledo Public Schools JazzJazz
88.5 FM
[BC] [Info] WKEN 88.5 FM Kenton, OH Christian ContemporaryChr. Contemp.
[BC] [Info] WMUB 88.5 FM Oxford, OH Public RadioPublic
[BC] [Info] WYOR 88.5 FM Republic, OH Christian ContemporaryChr. Contemp.
[BC] [Info] WYSA 88.5 FM Wauseon, OH Christian ContemporaryChr. Contemp.
[BC] [Info] WYSU 88.5 FM Youngstown, OH Youngstown State University Public RadioPublic
88.7 FM
[BC] [Info] WHJM 88.7 FM Anna, OH ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] WOBO 88.7 FM Batavia, OH VarietyVariety
[BC] [Info] WOFN 88.7 FM Beach City, OH ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] WUFM 88.7 FM Columbus, OH Christian ContemporaryChr. Contemp.
88.9 FM
[BC] [Info] WBJV 88.9 FM Steubenville, OH ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] WCSU 88.9 FM Wilberforce, OH Central State University Urban ContemporaryUrban
[BC] [Info] WLRY 88.9 FM Rushville, OH ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] WMWX 88.9 FM Miamitown, OH Classic RockClassic Rock
[BC] [Info] WRDL 88.9 FM Ashland, OH Ashland University CollegeCollege
[BC] [Info] WSOH 88.9 FM Zanesfield, OH Christian ContemporaryChr. Contemp.
[BC] [Info] WSTB 88.9 FM Streetsboro, OH Streetsboro High School Grade School (K-12)K-12
[BC] [Info] WTPG 88.9 FM Whitehouse, OH ReligiousReligious
89.1 FM
[BC] [Info] W206BX (WYSZ) 89.1 FM Fremont, OH Christian ContemporaryChr. Contemp.
[BC] [Info] WJJE 89.1 FM Delaware, OH ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] WKSV 89.1 FM Thompson, OH Kent State University Public RadioPublic
[BC] [Info] WNZN 89.1 FM Lorain, OH Gospel MusicGospel
[BC] [Info] WOUC 89.1 FM Cambridge, OH Ohio University Public RadioPublic
[BC] [Info] WOUL 89.1 FM Ironton, OH Ohio University Public RadioPublic
[BC] [Info] WYNS 89.1 FM Waynesville, OH Classic RockClassic Rock
89.3 FM
[BC] [Info] W207CD (KAWZ) 89.3 FM Hamler, OH ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] WKRW 89.3 FM Wooster, OH Kent State University Public RadioPublic
[BC] [Info] WMKV 89.3 FM Reading, OH NostalgiaNostalgia
[BC] [Info] WXMW 89.3 FM Sycamore, OH ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] WYSM 89.3 FM Lima, OH Christian ContemporaryChr. Contemp.
[BC] [Info] WYSZ 89.3 FM Maumee, OH Christian ContemporaryChr. Contemp.
[BC] [Info] WZCP 89.3 FM Chillicothe, OH Christian ContemporaryChr. Contemp.
[BC] [Info] WZNP 89.3 FM Newark, OH Christian ContemporaryChr. Contemp.
89.5 FM
[BC] [Info] WBCY 89.5 FM Archbold, OH Taylor University Christian ContemporaryChr. Contemp.
[BC] [Info] WDPS 89.5 FM Dayton, OH Dayton City Schools JazzJazz
[BC] [Info] WFOT 89.5 FM Lexington, OH ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] WHVY 89.5 FM Coshocton, OH ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] WILB 89.5 FM Boardman, OH ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] WMIH 89.5 FM Geneva, OH ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] WQRP 89.5 FM Dayton, OH Spanish ChristianSpa. Chrstn.
[BC] [Info] WVMS 89.5 FM Sandusky, OH ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] WZWP 89.5 FM West Union, OH ReligiousReligious
89.7 FM
[BC] [Info] WKSU 89.7 FM Kent, OH Kent State University Public RadioPublic
[BC] [Info] WNOC 89.7 FM Bowling Green, OH ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] WOSU 89.7 FM Columbus, OH Ohio State University Public RadioPublic
[BC] [Info] WTKC 89.7 FM Findlay, OH Christian ContemporaryChr. Contemp.
89.9 FM
[BC] [Info] WDPG 89.9 FM Greenville, OH ClassicalClassical
[BC] [Info] WRRO 89.9 FM Edon, OH ReligiousReligious
90.1 FM
[BC] [Info] W211BT (WUFM) 90.1 FM Athens, OH Christian ContemporaryChr. Contemp.
[BC] [Info] WJEE 90.1 FM Bolivar, OH ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] WOUZ 90.1 FM Zanesville, OH Ohio University Public RadioPublic
[BC] [Info] WXML 90.1 FM Upper Sandusky, OH ReligiousReligious
90.3 FM
[BC] [Info] WCPN 90.3 FM Cleveland, OH Public RadioPublic
90.5 FM
[BC] [Info] WAOM 90.5 FM Mowrystown, OH ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] WCBE 90.5 FM Columbus, OH Columbus Board of Education Public RadioPublic
[BC] [Info] WHVT 90.5 FM Clyde, OH ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] WVML 90.5 FM Millersburg, OH ReligiousReligious
90.7 FM
[BC] [Info] WDWC 90.7 FM Martins Ferry, OH ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] WGLE 90.7 FM Lima, OH Public RadioPublic
[BC] [Info] WMCO 90.7 FM New Concord, OH Muskingum College CollegeCollege
[BC] [Info] WNRK 90.7 FM Norwalk, OH Kent State University Public RadioPublic
[BC] [Info] WVMC 90.7 FM Mansfield, OH Mansfield Christian School Christian ContemporaryChr. Contemp.
90.9 FM
[BC] [Info] W215BC (WXHL) 90.9 FM Steubenville, OH Gospel MusicGospel
[BC] [Info] WGBE 90.9 FM Bryan, OH Public RadioPublic
[BC] [Info] WGUC 90.9 FM Cincinnati, OH ClassicalClassical
[BC] [Info] WJDD 90.9 FM Carrollton, OH ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] WNZR 90.9 FM Mount Vernon, OH Mount Vernon Nazarene College Christian ContemporaryChr. Contemp.
91.1 FM
[BC] [Info] W216AH (WVMC) 91.1 FM Ashland, OH Mansfield Christian School Christian ContemporaryChr. Contemp.
[BC] [Info] W216AU (WAFR) 91.1 FM Martins Ferry, OH ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] WRMU 91.1 FM Alliance, OH University of Mount Union CollegeCollege
[BC] [Info] WRUW 91.1 FM Cleveland, OH Case Western Reserve University VarietyVariety
91.3 FM
[BC] [Info] WAPS 91.3 FM Akron, OH Akron Schools Adult Album AlternativeA.A.A.
[BC] [Info] WGTE 91.3 FM Toledo, OH Public RadioPublic
[BC] [Info] WOUB 91.3 FM Athens, OH Ohio University Public RadioPublic
[BC] [Info] WYSO 91.3 FM Yellow Springs, OH Antioch College Public RadioPublic
91.5 FM
[BC] [Info] WBIE 91.5 FM Delphos, OH ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] WKHR 91.5 FM Bainbridge, OH NostalgiaNostalgia
[BC] [Info] WKRJ 91.5 FM New Philadelphia, OH Kent State University Public RadioPublic
[BC] [Info] WOBC 91.5 FM Oberlin, OH Oberlin College CollegeCollege
91.7 FM
[BC] [Info] W219AZ (WJSO) 91.7 FM Gallipolis, OH ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] WJIC 91.7 FM Zanesville, OH ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] WVMU 91.7 FM Ashtabula, OH ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] WVXU 91.7 FM Cincinnati, OH Public RadioPublic
[BC] [Info] WYTN 91.7 FM Youngstown, OH ReligiousReligious
91.9 FM
[BC] [Info] WGDE 91.9 FM Defiance, OH Public RadioPublic
[BC] [Info] WKCO 91.9 FM Gambier, OH Kenyon College CollegeCollege
[BC] [Info] WKJA 91.9 FM Brunswick, OH ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] WOUH 91.9 FM Chillicothe, OH Ohio University Public RadioPublic
[BC] [Info] WXMF 91.9 FM Marion, OH ReligiousReligious

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Found 446 matching stations (displaying 1-100)

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