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Maryland Radio Stations:

Found 148 matching stations (displaying 1-100)

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Call Sign Freq. City School Format
88.1 FM
[BC] [Info] WGWS 88.1 FM Saint Mary'S City, MD ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] WMUC 88.1 FM College Park, MD University of Maryland CollegeCollege
[BC] [Info] WYPF 88.1 FM Frederick, MD Public RadioPublic
[BC] [Info] WYPR 88.1 FM Baltimore, MD Public RadioPublic
88.3 FM
[BC] [Info] WRAU 88.3 FM Ocean City, MD American University Public RadioPublic
88.7 FM
[BC] [Info] W204BA (WOTJ) 88.7 FM Oakland, MD Grace Christian School ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] W204CL (WOTJ) 88.7 FM Lexington Park, MD Grace Christian School ReligiousReligious
88.9 FM
[BC] [Info] W205BL (WETA) 88.9 FM Frederick, MD ClassicalClassical
[BC] [Info] WEAA 88.9 FM Baltimore, MD Morgan State University JazzJazz
89.1 FM
[BC] [Info] W206AY (KAWZ) 89.1 FM Fruitland, MD ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] WGMS 89.1 FM Hagerstown, MD ClassicalClassical
[BC] [Info] WRSM 89.1 FM Rising Sun, MD ReligiousReligious
89.5 FM
[BC] [Info] WSCL 89.5 FM Salisbury, MD Salisbury University ClassicalClassical
89.7 FM
[BC] [Info] WTMD 89.7 FM Towson, MD Towson University Adult Album AlternativeA.A.A.
[BC] [Info] WXMD 89.7 FM California, MD ReligiousReligious
89.9 FM
[BC] [Info] W210CC (WPCS) 89.9 FM Salisbury, MD Pensacola Christian College ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] WMTB 89.9 FM Emmitsburg, MD Mount St. Marys College CollegeCollege
[BC] [Info] WOEL 89.9 FM Elkton, MD Maryland Baptist Bible College ReligiousReligious
90.3 FM
[BC] [Info] WAIJ 90.3 FM Grantsville, MD ReligiousReligious
90.5 FM
[BC] [Info] WCRH 90.5 FM Williamsport, MD ReligiousReligious
90.7 FM
[BC] [Info] WSDL 90.7 FM Ocean City, MD Salisbury University Public RadioPublic
91.1 FM
[BC] [Info] W216CM (WCRH) 91.1 FM Frederick, MD ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] WHFC 91.1 FM Bel Air, MD Harford Community College VarietyVariety
91.3 FM
[BC] [Info] WESM 91.3 FM Princess Anne, MD University of Maryland-Eastern Shore JazzJazz
91.5 FM
[BC] [Info] WBJC 91.5 FM Baltimore, MD Baltimore Community College ClassicalClassical
91.7 FM
[BC] [Info] WZXH 91.7 FM Hagerstown, MD Christian ContemporaryChr. Contemp.
91.9 FM
[BC] [Info] W220CT (WXHL) 91.9 FM Salisbury, MD Gospel MusicGospel
[BC] [Info] WGTS 91.9 FM Takoma Park, MD Columbia Union College Christian ContemporaryChr. Contemp.
92.3 FM
[BC] [Info] WERQ 92.3 FM Baltimore, MD Hip HopHip Hop
92.5 FM
[BC] [Info] WNKZ 92.5 FM Pocomoke City, MD Christian ContemporaryChr. Contemp.
92.7 FM
[BC] [Info] WDCJ 92.7 FM Prince Frederick, MD Urban ContemporaryUrban
93.1 FM
[BC] [Info] WPOC 93.1 FM Baltimore, MD CountryCountry
93.5 FM
[BC] [Info] W228AM (WWEG) 93.5 FM Frederick, MD Classic HitsClassic Hits
[BC] [Info] WTTZ (LPFM) 93.5 LPFM Baltimore, MD Smooth JazzSmooth Jazz
94.1 FM
[BC] [Info] WQZK-1 94.1 FM Cumberland, MD Top-40Top-40
94.3 FM
[BC] [Info] W232CL (WRBS-AM) 94.3 FM Baltimore, MD ReligiousReligious
[BC] [Info] W232DG (WWFD-AM) 94.3 FM Frederick, MD Adult Album AlternativeA.A.A.
[BC] [Info] W232DJ (WKNZ) 94.3 FM Ocean City, MD Christian ContemporaryChr. Contemp.
[BC] [Info] W257BW (WCTN-AM) (CP) 94.3 FM Potomac, MD AsianAsian
[BC] [Info] WINX 94.3 FM Saint Michaels, MD CountryCountry
[BC] [Info] WOWD (LPFM) 94.3 LPFM Takoma Park, MD VarietyVariety
94.5 FM
[BC] [Info] WICO (CP) 94.5 FM Snow Hill, MD CountryCountry
94.7 FM
[BC] [Info] WIAD 94.7 FM Bethesda, MD Hot ACHot AC
95.1 FM
[BC] [Info] WRBS 95.1 FM Baltimore, MD Christian ContemporaryChr. Contemp.
95.5 FM
[BC] [Info] W238BY (WBEY) 95.5 FM Crisfield, MD CountryCountry
[BC] [Info] WPGC 95.5 FM Morningside, MD Hip HopHip Hop
95.9 FM
[BC] [Info] WICL 95.9 FM Williamsport, MD CountryCountry
[BC] [Info] WKZP 95.9 FM West Ocean City, MD Top-40Top-40
[BC] [Info] WWIN 95.9 FM Glen Burnie, MD Urban ContemporaryUrban
96.1 FM
[BC] [Info] W241AO (WCTR-AM) 96.1 FM Wye Mills, MD TalkTalk
96.5 FM
[BC] [Info] WCTG (CP) 96.5 FM West Pocomoke, MD Adult HitsAdult Hits
96.7 FM
[BC] [Info] W244DA (WZBA) 96.7 FM Baltimore, MD Classic RockClassic Rock
[BC] [Info] WCEI 96.7 FM Easton, MD Hot ACHot AC
[BC] [Info] WDLD 96.7 FM Halfway, MD Top-40Top-40
97.1 FM
[BC] [Info] WAVD 97.1 FM Ocean Pines, MD Classic HitsClassic Hits
[BC] [Info] WLIC 97.1 FM Frostburg, MD ReligiousReligious
97.5 FM
[BC] [Info] WKTT 97.5 FM Salisbury, MD Urban ContemporaryUrban
97.9 FM
[BC] [Info] W250CM (WTBO-AM) 97.9 FM Cumberland, MD OldiesOldies
[BC] [Info] WBEY 97.9 FM Crisfield, MD CountryCountry
[BC] [Info] WIYY 97.9 FM Baltimore, MD RockRock
98.3 FM
[BC] [Info] W252BR (WCTR-AM) 98.3 FM Edgemere, MD TalkTalk
98.9 FM
[BC] [Info] WSBY 98.9 FM Salisbury, MD Urban ContemporaryUrban
99.1 FM
[BC] [Info] WDCH 99.1 FM Bowie, MD Business NewsBiz News
99.5 FM
[BC] [Info] W258DA (WZXQ) 99.5 FM Hagerstown, MD Christian ContemporaryChr. Contemp.
[BC] [Info] WDZN 99.5 FM Midland, MD Classic HitsClassic Hits
[BC] [Info] WDZN-1 99.5 FM Cumberland, MD Classic HitsClassic Hits
[BC] [Info] WPSB (LPFM) 99.5 LPFM Ocean City, MD Travelers' InformationT.I.S.
99.9 FM
[BC] [Info] W260BP (WVMD) 99.9 FM Cumberland, MD CountryCountry
[BC] [Info] W260BV (WQLL-AM) 99.9 FM Aberdeen, MD Classic HitsClassic Hits
[BC] [Info] WFRE 99.9 FM Frederick, MD CountryCountry
[BC] [Info] WWFG 99.9 FM Ocean City, MD CountryCountry
100.1 FM
[BC] [Info] W261CD (WZBA) 100.1 FM Baltimore, MD Classic RockClassic Rock
100.3 LPFM
[BC] [Info] WWOP (LPFM) 100.3 LPFM Ocean City, MD Travelers' InformationT.I.S.
100.5 FM
[BC] [Info] W263CQ (WHGM-AM) 100.5 FM Chesapeake City, MD Adult HitsAdult Hits
[BC] [Info] W263CR (WWEG) 100.5 FM Halfway, MD Classic HitsClassic Hits
[BC] [Info] W263CW (WKDI-AM) 100.5 FM Denton, MD ReligiousReligious
100.7 FM
[BC] [Info] WZBA 100.7 FM Westminster, MD Classic RockClassic Rock
100.9 FM
[BC] [Info] W265BG (WSRY-AM) 100.9 FM Elkton, MD Gospel MusicGospel
101.1 FM
[BC] [Info] WICO 101.1 FM Snow Hill, MD CountryCountry
101.5 FM
[BC] [Info] W268BA (WBAL-AM) 101.5 FM Baltimore, MD News/TalkNews/Talk
[BC] [Info] WHCP (LPFM) 101.5 LPFM Cambridge, MD VarietyVariety
101.9 FM
[BC] [Info] WLIF 101.9 FM Baltimore, MD Adult ContemporaryA.C.
102.1 FM
[BC] [Info] W271BV (WWEG) 102.1 FM Hagerstown, MD Classic HitsClassic Hits
102.3 FM
[BC] [Info] W272CX (WTTR-AM) 102.3 FM Westminster, MD Classic HitsClassic Hits
[BC] [Info] WMMJ 102.3 FM Bethesda, MD Urban ContemporaryUrban
102.5 FM
[BC] [Info] WBOC 102.5 FM Princess Anne, MD Adult ContemporaryA.C.
102.7 FM
[BC] [Info] WQSR 102.7 FM Baltimore, MD Adult HitsAdult Hits
103.1 FM
[BC] [Info] W276DQ (WCBC-AM) 103.1 FM Cumberland, MD News/TalkNews/Talk
[BC] [Info] WAFY 103.1 FM Middletown, MD Hot ACHot AC
[BC] [Info] WRNR 103.1 FM Grasonville, MD Adult Album AlternativeA.A.A.
103.5 FM
[BC] [Info] W278BL (WCRH) 103.5 FM Cumberland, Etc., MD ReligiousReligious
103.7 FM
[BC] [Info] W279BA (WVNZ-AM) 103.7 FM East New Market, MD Spanish PopSpa. Pop
[BC] [Info] WXCY 103.7 FM Havre de Grace, MD CountryCountry
103.9 FM
[BC] [Info] WTLP 103.9 FM Braddock Heights, MD NewsNews
104.1 FM
[BC] [Info] WPRS 104.1 FM Waldorf, MD Gospel MusicGospel
104.3 FM
[BC] [Info] WZFT 104.3 FM Baltimore, MD Top-40Top-40
104.7 FM
[BC] [Info] W284BE (WHGM-AM) 104.7 FM Havre de Grace, MD Adult HitsAdult Hits
[BC] [Info] WAYZ 104.7 FM Hagerstown, MD CountryCountry
[BC] [Info] WQHQ 104.7 FM Ocean City-Salisbury, MD Adult ContemporaryA.C.
105.3 FM
[BC] [Info] WFRB 105.3 FM Frostburg, MD CountryCountry

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Found 148 matching stations (displaying 1-100)

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